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U CAN Spray, located in the South East UK, is a registered charity. Founded in 2017 in order to inspire and engage young people from all backgrounds into cultural and artistic experiences through spraypainting. Our beneficiaries are anyone who is disengaged from society for reasons beyond their control. We are particularly committed to helping 16-24 year olds who aren't in education, training or employment who will benefit from learning about all the aspects of professional art making and production through live projects and workshops. It's not easy being long term unemployed, especially when you have no experience or training. Often these young people have challenging situations to deal with which is why getting young people involved in something which inspires them is a valuable support in order to learn the necessary skills to be able to integrate successfully into adulthood. At CAN we specialise in an artform which speaks to young people in their language. Street- art, Spraypainting and organised activities enable marginalised individuals to learn a vocation which enables them to interact with the public through events, exhibitions and community projects. 


At CAN we like challenging perceptions. The concept that “Street Art” is a powerful medium to ignite positive social changes isn’t new.  Harnessing this power to help empower disengaged and vulnerable people is a new idea. Therapeutic and inclusive art practice through positive SprayPainting is a powerful communicator that breaks down barriers and builds bridges.  We are passionate about inspiring anyone who’s been told they can’t, to experience how they CAN through our collaborations. workshops and in-house programs, regardless of age, disability, gender, cultural, political or social status.  Sign up Donate and support our mission.

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Our Aims in 2018

Breaking Barriers, Opening Doors to a new type of ARTSPACE

U CAN Spray creates inclusive art experiences which offer inspirational and therapeutic effects to our participants. Usually our season is limited as its an outdoor activity (due to weather) we are able to work from May till October. Our dream is to be able to offer year round workshops for our young people & community groups. This would create a much needed arts space for marginalised or excluded individuals to integrate with their own community through artistic practice. Help us create a permanent home for community groups to get involved in free activities. Theres 3 ways you can begin to support our mission:

Have any ideas?

We would like to hear from you if you have any ideas and contacts for empty spaces which may be suitable for us to operate from. We like to think outside the box, but will need a well ventilated studio space or building which is self contained. We are searching for a permanent base in the long term but are happy to pilot our workshops on a shorter term-basis too!

East Sussex area.


Volunteer Opportunities

One of the main reasons U CAN Spray is founded in 2017 was to compensate for the lack of arts-based activities which appeal to young people age 16-24. We’ve dedicated a lot of people-hours into developing an award winning format, and hope you’ll help us continue this work. If you are a spraypaint artist who could volunteer your services and a few hours to make a difference to someones life through our charitable work- Or maybe you have other skills that you would like to offer us?  GET IN TOUCH!

Upcycled Vinyl Records

Our sustainability ethos here at U CAN Spray is UPCYCLING old materials whenever we can. Reworking old and unloved items into art objects which can have a second life not only feels good, it's helping the environment by avoiding landfill. Also profits from items sold go towards our training programs.  CAN you help by donating old records/Vinyl to our art projects? Anything that can be painted is much appreciated


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“You can't help but feel this is someone you need to make things happen”

Sheila Green, Projects Officer Bognor Regis Town Council,  
about Sarah Gillings MA,  U CAN Spray CIO Founder

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